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Risport Figure Skate Special Offers

Get your Risport RF4 figure set including a London Skate Centre logo bag and skate guards for £125 (save £48 on the standard price).  Last few pairs only. Limited sizes.


Get your Airport Etoile/Antea Figure set including a London Skate Centre logo bag and guards for £100 (save £13 on the standard price).  Last few pairs only. Limited sizes.



K2 Rental Offer 2016

Rent K2 rollerblades or a Penny Board and we’ll give
you your money back when you buy them!

We are offering all our customers who rent skates or a Penny Board their rental charge against all K2 skates and Penny boards that are bought from us the same day.

Our flat daily rate of £13 includes wrist and knee protection, and we can put you in touch with an expert if you need lessons.

All you need to leave with us is a photo id, or £30 cash deposit per pair, (£50 per board)  which is returned to you when we get the goods back.

Belati boots have arrived in store

The best boots in the world! image image

The first delivery of our 2016 hand-made Belati ice skating boots has arrived in store.

As the sole UK distributors we have the full range available now.

Whether you are buying your first pair of lesson standard boots or competing in the Olympics, we have the Belati boot for you.

These boots have been hand-made by Maria Belati and her team of specialist in Chiari, Italy and our first level boot, the AA comes with  a British made, MK blade made in Sheffield by HD Sports.   (Blade makers to every Olympic Champion at Sochi 2014.)

Come and try them on in store! [map].

London Skate Centre are sole UK distributor for Belati ice & roller boots

Belati A4 2015If you want the highest quality hand made Italian roller and ice skating boots, visit our store or place your order online. We are now the sole agents for Belati skating boots, handmade by three generations of the Belati family in Chiari, Italy.

Belati boots are designed and built to give optimum performance and stability, for skaters up to advanced level.

For more info, visit the Belati website or call us on +44 207 706 8769.

If you are a UK store wishing to sell these boots and others in the Belati range, please feel free to contact us or visit our store [map].

Get your genuine 2015 Pennyboard from us now!

Penny boards 2015 london skate centrePennyboards 2015 london skate centrePennyboards 2015 london skate centreimage


All the 2015 genuine Original Pennyboards are now in stock.  Buy yours now in store or online! [map].

Pennyboards have been one of our best selling products in last year.   They come in two sizes,  22 inches in length and 27 inchIes.

The 22 inch models are called Pennies and the 27  inch, Nickels.

With unmatched performance and designed to be easily carried and stored,  these high quality boards come with beautifully sprayed Penny trucks, chrome abec 7 Penny bearings and 59 mm Penny wheels.  They are also available in a wide range of colours and styles, some of which are shown above.   (We carry a huge range in store and online.  Please note the classics remain the same!)

You can also buy the beautifully designed, quality Penny backpacks also known as Penny Pouches to carry them in as shown above.

Beware the look-a-like fake models and treat yourself to the ultimate quality cruiser board!



K2 2015 models are here & we have a huge SALE on all previous year models!


We now have in stock the latest 2015 K2 models in the women’s Alexis X Pro and mens Fit X Pro. Both these models feature a Hi-Lo wheel set-up, which means that the back two wheels are 84mm and the front two 80mm (with a hardness rating of 80A). This set-up allows the skater to feel they have more maneuverability and control, especially at higher speeds. These skates feature a speed lace system, making the fastening of your skates much quicker and allows less time fumbling around with laces and more time skating. The frame is made from aluminum, making it both light weight and durable. All the wheels have K2’s ILQ 5 bearings, meaning a much smoother enjoyable ride. This model is fantastic for keeping fit and many people use it as a substitute for running, which can be harsh on the joints. It is also a great skate to use recreationally around the parks, as the design is both extremely comfortable and smooth. You won’t get bored with these!

We now have most of the superb K2 2015 models in store and available online including the new Alexis and Fit Boas.    Fantastic comfort and easy attachment . with the boa quick fastener along with the superb free ride of the 84mm wheels and ILQ7 bearings.

K2 have also sent us the first of the VO2 90 boa ladies with ILQ9 bearings, 90mm wheels and the amazing boa fastener along with the mens’ VO2 100 max, with 100/90 mm wheels for speed with great cornering control.

The 2015 Il Capo is now in too and the Vo2 Max 100 boa 2015.

Also take a look at our ON SALE skates, as there are great deals to be had on previous year models.  Get yourself a bargain!

Come in and have a look in store or buy through the website.