Choosing & fitting ice skates

Choosing the best skates for you

We want you to come to the shop to be properly fitted with the most suitable boots and blades for your level, aspirations and budget. If the price is not shown, please give us a call. We always try to give the most competitive price – please be aware that although you may see skates priced more cheaply online, these may in fact be unavailable or, worse still, used or second-class goods.  Most low-end figure skates are sold unsharpened,this can cost up to £20 extra!    We presharpen all our skates in store.

Our extensive stock includes the UK range of Risport, Edea, Graf, Jackson Ultima, New English, Roma & Stateside Classic. Prices of leather sets (including blade) start from £79.00. We stock from size 24 (UK 8 jun) – 46/47 (UK 12).

Our online shop showcases and offers a range of ice figure sets, boots and ice hockey skates to buy instore and online. [map].


As a general rule, you should buy ice skates as close to the accurate foot size as possible. Assuming the boots are good quality and sufficiently strong, it is possible to wear them up to one size larger than the feet measure. Make sure you buy strong leather (never plastic) boots with a good instep and heel supports. Soft ice skating boots are dangerous and must be avoided.  The blade should be of high quality steel for it to retain its sharpening. If you see very cheap skates – ask yourself why? With regard to skates, you very much get what you pay for.


We  supply all models of John Wilson, MK & Ultima figure & dance blades. Most sizes of Coronation Ace are in stock along with Gold Seal & Pattern 99, together with Ultima Elite and Legacy.

MK & Wilson blades will be cheaper in the UK than any other country as they are manufactured in Sheffield, UK.

(Our specialist skate sharpening service operates Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Please note we prioritise and require proof of purchase from customers who have bought skates from us)